YEAHMAP is a german YouTuber who loves entertaining people from all around the world with weekly funny and professionally created videos in several video games. He created his channel on the 26th of october 2013 and he has never stopped producing amazing videos to this day. During his career he won the first Rockstar Editor contest "Leave by WAVVES" in 2015. After that, his channel started to gain massive attention. Due to his editing skills, sense of humor and uniqueness, he has reached over 140.000 subscribers and 25 million views on YouTube.

Since 2017, Ironside Computers is the official sponsor of YEAHMAP. They supplied him with a custom created Gaming PC, the Conquerer. Now he is able to create higher quality videos thanks to the extremely powerful hardware. Now games run better, visuals look sexier and videos render faster. You can customize your own Ironside Computer here: 


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